Welcome to Evo: Hidden Blood

You wake up in a perplexing slumber. Your head is heavily dropping towards a pillow you somehow know isn’t there. As you fall up towards the floor you notice your surroundings for the 3rd time in as long as you can remember. Across the pitch dark space which you assume is the bedroom, you feel the crimson presence of a beloved soul you can only think to be him. It must be him. It has been so long since you will see him again that you nearly forgot to mention it the last time you saw him. You take your pencil to draw your first breath in what seems like an eternity and hear from across the room a gasp that sounds like a man first discovering his lungs. As you slowly drift up towards the bed you know not to be your own, you question why you chose to wake up in the first place; the answer forms in your mind and as you will it with all your might to exit through your lips you remember the most important question: How can a man with no lungs speak at all?

Set in a future where humans have recently undergone a mysterious rapid evolution, there are now 8 races of people: Neuros, Bios, Augs, Ecos, Photos, Evos, Technos, and Sensors. The chaos and race wars that followed this rapid evolution left the world in tatters and plunged humanity into a second Dark Age. Some countries are just beginning to exit the Dark Age into a more enlightened culture. With political tensions high, and powerful organizations vying for power, it is up to an unassuming group of people to discover their connection to each other, and their role in the underground power struggle in the Golanni Dessert Area.

Evo: Hidden Blood