Sa'sa ibn An'sa al-Sadaydi, The Interrogator


Class: Neurokinetic ODF: Ranged: 1 DDF: 1
Superb Wil
Good DC
Superb Int
Superb Perc
Superb Telepathy & Mind Control
Superb Memory Manipulation
Great Knife Throwing
Crazy Person Strength (Superb strength on feats of strength)
Skilled Interrogator
Deranged (Drastic mood swings, obsessive tendencies, batshit crazy, etc)
Throwing knives, Fine silk robes (wearing), Interrogation tools


Known professionally as The Interrogator. An Arab man in his 50s, with slightly creased bronze skin, long silky pure white hair and a scraggly flowing beard that comes down to his chest. He is very tall and boney and dresses in the finest silks. His moods can swing drastically from calm and intellectual to violently sadistic and malicious. The only consistency in this man’s personality is that he is always relentlessly and ruthlessly calculating.
He is an extremely powerful and deranged Neurokinetic memory surfer and illusionist who takes pleasure in toying with the minds of his victims through deeply bizarre and elaborate hallucinations. He is extremely skilled as an interrogator and is often the shadowy figure employed by the world's darkest clandestine orders to 'collect information', even from those who are able to resist mind-probing. It is said he has never failed at collecting.

Sa'sa ibn An'sa al-Sadaydi, The Interrogator

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